2017-2018 Senior Project Schedule
Friday September 8 Materials distributed to students
Wednesday October 25 English class activity: Submit Senior Contract Google Form
  (Mentor name, email and phone number required)
Friday October 27 Senior Project Contract deadline
  Liability and Mentor Agreement forms due
Friday December 1 Mentor Verification Check #1 due
Friday February 9 Mentor Verification Check #2 due
Friday April 6 Mentor Verification Check #2 due
   By April 6 Research component**
  April/May Oral Presentation practice**
Friday May 4 Panel lists to English teachers
Friday May 11 Deadline for Oral Presentation room / time changes
  See Mr. Hansen in J206
Friday May 11 Mentor verification deadline
  Students missing forms by May 18 will not present on May 23-24.
  May 15-19 Student completes a tech check in assigned classroom
  Share Google slide show with head judge
Wednesday May 23 Oral Presentations
Thursday May 24 Oral Presentations
  ** Due dates will be determined by individual teacher**