card header iconGraduation Information for Parents and Community

Nevada Union High School Graduation Ceremonies
Graduation is held at 9 a.m. on the Saturday after the last day of school in Hooper Stadium (the
football field). This year’s date can be found on our website under News, Calendar, in the
month of June.

We suggest you come early to take advantage of the best parking and stadium seating.
Graduating Seniors arrive at 8 a.m. & the lower parking lot on campus, across from the West
Gym, is reserved for them. Public parking is available in the first lot at the main entrance, in the
theater lot, and on the street. The interior of the campus has been designated for disabled and
elderly parking. If you are transporting someone who needs handicapped access, the parking
attendants will direct you to areas where you can drop them off close to the stadium and then
exit the interior to park. Carpooling is encouraged as parking is minimal.

Guests should bring hats, since the stadium is in the direct sun, can be quite warm, and there
are few shaded areas available. As there is no reserved seating, guests are advised to arrive
early to get seats of their choice. Ground-level seating is available on both sides of the stadium
for guests who cannot use bleacher seating due to physical disabilities. You are welcome to
bring your own cushion or blanket to use in the bleachers. Umbrellas and shade structures are
not permitted as they negatively impact the ability for fellow spectators to view the ceremony.

Bottled water is sold as a fundraiser by the cheerleading squad. You are also welcome to bring
your own. Ice water will be provided for the graduates during the ceremony. Please note, no
alcohol, drugs, glass containers, weapons or animals (Service Animals excepted) are allowed
on campus. NUHS is a tobacco-free zone.

The commencement ceremony lasts approximately one hour. Each candidate will walk across
the stage as his or her name is read and will be congratulated by NU and District administration
and Board of Trustees members. We ask that parents and friends NOT get up and take photos
during the actual ceremony, as they would block the view for other folks. You may order
photographs taken by the professional photographers. They will send home a sample
photograph and ordering information; you are under no obligation to purchase anything. A
video production is also made available for purchase by a local vendor. Please remain in your
seats until the conclusion of the ceremony.

When the ceremony is over, graduates pick up their diploma inserts from their counselors in the
Ali Gym. Please have patience, enjoy, and wait for the crowd to thin when exiting the stadium
and parking areas.

Additional Guidelines

Note: The following information is shared verbally and in writing with Seniors during the Senior meeting in

Senior Verification Form  All Seniors are responsible to turn in their verification form to their
counselor by the Tuesday before graduation . This form is very important to verify grades,
return of any school materials or equipment, and graduation information.

Graduation Rehearsal  All Seniors will attend the graduation rehearsal on the Friday before
graduation, following the Senior Breakfast in the NU Café. This will help things run smoothly on
Saturday and should give you a good idea on which side of the field you will be seated during
the actual ceremony.

Graduation  The graduation ceremony is to be a dignified event; please read and follow these
guidelines. You are doing this for yourself as well as for your friends, family, loved ones, etc.,
so let’s all help make it a memorable occasion.

The lower (across from West Gym) parking lot is reserved for graduates; your cap & gown will
serve as your parking pass. Carpooling is highly appreciated.Graduates should arrive by 8 a.m.
Females report to the West Gym, males to the Ali Gym.

There are to be no distractions/disruptions during the Graduation ceremony, including
beach balls, balloons, noisemakers, etc. Anyone creating a distraction will be removed

Graduation Ceremony Dress Code
● Cap & Gown - Please follow Herff Jones guidelines to take wrinkles out of your gown.
● No shorts or blue jeans are to be worn.  Males can wear slacks and females can wear
slacks or dresses.
● No “flip flops” or other shoes/sandals that are considered beach attire
● No leis
● No alterations to your cap or gown; no messages written on the cap
● All electronic devices are to be left in your vehicle or at home, including tablets, selfie-
sticks, cell phones, iPods, etc. We will check for these before you go onto the field.
● Please do not bring water bottles with you. We will be serving you ice water throughout
the ceremony.

Senior Pranks  Any disturbance to the school or grounds will result in denial of any/all senior
activities. Anyone found responsible for any damage to the school will be prosecuted.

Debts  Please be sure to clear any and all indebtedness. If you owe money for books,
equipment, etc., you will not receive your diploma. This is always an unfortunate situation on
the day of graduation, so please do not find yourself in that position. Additionally if you have
requested transcripts to be sent to colleges, we will not release the records until all debts have
been cleared.