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Optional Programs / Signatures

The programs and forms listed below are optional to your student.

National School Lunch and Breakfast Program

The Nevada Joint Union High School District participate in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. If you now receive food stamps, CalWORKS, Kin-GAP or the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, or if your income meets the eligibility guidelines (outlined below), your student may receive free meals.

Indian Education
Each year districts conduct a survey to identify American Indian students attending our county public schools. This survey determines the amount of federal funding our Indian Education program will receive.  If your student is of American Indian descent, please take a few moments to complete the form below.  Your child is automatically enrolled in the program when you complete and return this form to your school.  The program is coordinated by the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools Office at 530-478-6400.

LEA Medi-Cal Billing Option

The district, in coopeartion with the California Department of Health Services, participates in the Medi-Cal Billing Option Program which provides the school district with additional federal Medicaid funds for selected student health services.  Parental consent must be obtained before the District can submit Medi-Cal claims.  This is a one-time consent that can be revoked by the parent at any time. This is often obtained as part of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process or you may complete the form below. The parent will never pay a fee for health services nor will school health services currently provided to all students be changed by your response or lack of response.

Medications Required During School Hours
If your student requires medications during the school day, you must complete this form, including a physician's signature and return it to the school nurse.

Optional Parent Signature Page
This one page form allows you, at your option, to deny the release of your student's directory information to all organizations, to request that your student not participate in health, family life or sex education instruction or to request you be notified about any pesticide applications at school.  If you ONLY want to deny student directory information to the military, there is a separate form for that purpose.

Restroom Complaint Form

This form may be used for complaints regarding inadequate conditions in public school restroom facilities (maintenance, cleaning, availability, etc). 

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