The first symptoms of pertussis are like those of a common cold – runny nose, sneezing, low-grade fever, and a mild cough. After a week or two, a persistent cough develops which occurs in explosive bursts, sometimes ending with a high-pitched whoop and vomiting. Between bursts of coughing, the child appears to be well. Coughing attacks continue to occur for four to six weeks and are more common at night.

Although your child will eventually recover, they may expose small children, the elderly, or pregnant women who are more at risk for complications.

Your student may still get pertussis if immunized as a young child because the immunization is weakened after age 10.

If your child develops any of the above symptoms please contact your physician immediately. If you have any questions call your physician or the Nevada County Health Department at 265-1450. 

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    We are now able to provide the Pertussis (Tdap) vaccine to qualifying students at school, during school hours. Your student may pick up a consent form in the nurse's office or you can download the attached consent. If after reading the information, you believe your student will qualify to receive this vaccine, then please complete the questionaire, sign and return the form to the school nurse's office and your student will be called from class and the vaccine will be administered to them.
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