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Yearbook Coordinator Contact:
For yearbook-specific issues where caller does not have email: call or text Google Voice number 530.324.2051
Save the date for the yearbook signing party!
Reserve your copy of the 2021 NUHS Yearbook -- There's never been a year like this and it's in the pages of the yearbook. Pre-sales continue until we sell out. Go to to reserve yours today! Not sure if you've already bought one? You can check at Search for our school name and make sure you get a copy of this historic yearbook.
Answers for Yearbook Questions

How can I purchase a 2021 yearbook?
Pre-sales are still ongoing at until supplies run out. 

I can’t remember if I bought a yearbook yet. How can I check?
  • An email is sent to confirm every sale. Search your email for “yearbook” and you’ll find your confirmation if you did order one.
  • Call 866.287.3096 (M-F 8-5 CST) to ask.
  • Visit; enter school order #14084; click Continue to confirm; scroll down and click Find Your Order; type in your email address and click Submit. Your search results will be posted.

Is it possible to purchase yearbooks from previous years?
As for previous years' yearbooks, the 2020 book is sold out. I do believe there are some extra copies of the 2019 and the 2018 books available for sale in the Students Store. You can email Alicia Bertoli at for details on purchasing one on campus.