The purpose of this page is to communicate the changes and shifts to on and off-campus Athletic events in 2021.
All events have been modified for our Student-Athletes and Coaches to a degree due to COVID. 
In addition, all events have spectator modifications as a result of COVID. Before planning on attending a Nevada Union event, whether "Home" or "Away," please check this page for the event's modifications on who can attend and where spectators are allowed. 

card header iconCOVID Restrictions/Modifications for All Sports

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Spectator Modifications: Events @ NU

Nevada Union High School is excited to host Athletics events on campus again, however, we need to continue to ensure the athletes, coaches, and attendees stay safe. We are asking that all restrictions
and instructions be followed by all spectators of both home and visiting teams. It is crucial that these guidelines be followed, as our success will open the door for increased spectators at future school events.

California Dept. of Public Health Youth Sports General Guidelines Spectator Restrictions
Unless otherwise noted, Nevada Union High School is only allowing immediate household members (people who live in the house) of participating athletes of each team to attend outdoor events. Once in less restrictive tiers, non-household spectators may be allowed in a reduced capacity.

We request that all spectators abide by the following from the CDPH Guidelines and NUHS Covid protocols:
  • Spectators need to wear a mask/face coving at all times - even outdoors
  • Spectators need to socially distance (6 feet away at minimum) from non-household members at all times
  • If anyone is experiencing or exhibiting any Covid symptoms before a NUHS event, please do not attend the event.
  • If anyone is experiencing or exhibiting any Covid symptoms at a NUHS event, kindly remove yourself from the event in order to protect others in the community
Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in excusal/removal from the viewing area.

With social distancing guidelines enforced, it will be limited to how many spectators can sit in a given area. Depending on the venue, there may be instances that spectators cannot be accommodated. Chairs/general seating will not be provided. Given the current situation, bathrooms may not be available for use.
Thank you for assisting us by complying with all guidelines and seating arrangements to ensure we can continue to allow spectators at our events!
Click the image of the event to learn more about Spectator Modifications due to Covid
Football Events
Covid Spectators Plan - Football
Swim & Water Polo Events
Covid Spectator Modifications - Swim & Water Polo
Tennis Events
Covid Spectator Modifications - Tennis Matches
Softball Events
Covid Spectator Modifications - Softball
Track & Field Events
Covid Spectator Modifications - Track & Field
Baseball Events
Covid Spectator Modifications - Baseball
Soccer Events
Covid Spectator Modifications - Soccer

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Spectator Modifications: Events @ Opponents

These are the publicly released Spectator Modifications for our opponents. Click the links of the events to learn more before you head to an event at their venue.