The Nevada Union Counselors would like to help make the process of developing your class schedule for next year as easy as possible.  Counselors meet with core classes in January and February to provide the academic requirements for both high school graduation and university admissions.

card header iconReminders

Please check your course requests carefully to be sure that you have everything you need to graduate and/or apply to a 4-year college.  For more specific information go to Graduation Requirements.  Requirements may differ for students planning on going directly to a 4-year college, so review the College Admission Requirements.

Remember that you need 3 years of math, and 2 years of PE and Science to graduate.

Choose wisely, remember the classes you choose are year-long classes.

Eighth Graders:

For incoming freshman, here are a few things to remember as you choose classes.
  • High school requires 220 credits to graduate.  These credits are accrued by passing classes with a minimum grade of D.  However, failing core classes (English, math, science etc) will result in the need to use an elective period the following year to make up the credit in Credit Recovery/APEX classes.
  • Nevada Union requires 3 years of math to graduate. Algebra 1 is a graduation requirement
  • Fine Art/World Language/ CTE requirement can be met by completing any one of our Visual / Performing Art, World Language, or CTE courses.
  • A World Language is required is for students planning to attend a 4-year college directly after graduation.  The college requirement is a minimum of 2 years of a World Language (the same language) and a recommendation of 3 years.
  • Choose your elective classes carefully. Elective changes are allowed only in the first 2 weeks of the semester.  Student may meet with their counselor the first two weeks of school to discuss a schedule change. Students will not be allowed to change classes because of period and/or teacher preference.
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