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2021-2022 4x8 Bell Schedule For Nevada Union

The 4x8 schedule is the most common bell schedule. Most Mondays are late start at 9:39 due to teacher collaboration in the morning. Students have an advisory class on Mondays on the 4x8. The remaining days are Tues/Thurs following a four-period odd class schedule with a Flex period; Wed/Fri schedules have a four-period even class schedule with a Flex period. Please see schedule exceptions below.
Weeks of school using 4x8: Any exceptions are in blue below.
May 23-27 -
Memorial Day Week: May 30-June 3
Monday, May 30th is a Holiday; Tuesday is a regular Odd Day with an Advisory. The rest of the week is a regular rotation with Flex - Even, Odd, Even.
June 6 - 10 - FINALS WEEK - No collaboration late start this week. Minimum Days Wednesday - Friday. 
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