It is a student’s responsibility to come to school dressed appropriately and ready to learn.  Students’ apparel should be conducive to a positive learning environment.  The following rules apply to all Nevada Union High School students at all times on campus and at all school activities:
1. As directed by Community Agencies United for Safe Streets & Safe Schools (CAUSSSS):
a. No gang colors (red, brown, green, blue/black, red/black), paraphernalia, scarves, belts, bandanas, hats, shoes, or any other item worn or carried will be tolerated on campus.
b. Any apparel or accessories associated with drug, alcohol, and/or tobacco images, wording, or
representation is prohibited. 
2. Nevada Union High School does not allow students to wear clothing or display paraphernalia that
generates a hostile environment.  Any apparel and/or paraphernalia containing words, symbols, and/or
images violating another student’s civil rights are not acceptable and will lead to disciplinary action.
3. Apparel or accessories with depictions of weapons, discriminatory or sexually suggestive messages,
and tobacco, alcohol, or drug-related images and/or wording are not allowed.
4. For purposes of health and safety, and California state law, shoes must be worn at all times while on
5. No spikes shall be worn on any clothing item, jewelry, or backpack.
6. Dark glasses shall not be worn in any classroom.
7. All students are required to dress appropriately for P.E., as determined by their teacher.  P.E. clothes
are available on a limited basis in the Student Store.
8. All tops must have straps and must cover the chest, midriff, sides, and back.  All bottoms must
adequately cover the student’s body while sitting or standing.

Consequences for dress code violations:

1st violation


2nd violation

1 hour detention, attire altered, possibility of being sent home

3rd violation

2 hours detention, attire altered, parent contacted

4th violation

Saturday School, attire altered, parent conference