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Lockers are available online for the Fall semester for students enrolled at Nevada Union High School. There is no charge for a locker - they are FREE to NUHS students.
Freshmen and Sophomore students are allowed one locker per student. Please only sign up for one book locker.
Junior and Senior students must have a locker buddy to share a book locker. One student will reserve the locker online and the second student must complete the terms and conditions within 24 hours of rental and turn the signed form in to the Student Service Center.
A PE locker will be available after receiving direction from your PE teacher. Students will need to provide their own combination lock. PE lockers can be reserved using the same procedure after teacher direction during the first academic week of school.
Before You Begin

You will need the following in order to rent a locker using this system:

  • Your Student ID
  • A valid student email address

If you are enrolled as an incoming Freshman or new student to NU, you will need to check-out a Chromebook from the NU Library to receive your Student ID.

Students will be sent an email from LockerGM on behalf of Nevada Union High School with your password. Students should log into their student gmail account to access their access codes. 
directions on how to sign in to email

How do I find my classrooms and where should I rent my locker?

Before you rent a locker, we recommend having your class schedule handy.  Schedules are available in StudentVUE ( am a Student). Room numbers on class schedules are listed with the building letters first, followed by the floor/classroom number.
Please refer to the FAQs to assist you.