Important Senior Project Announcement, April 17, 2020
Hello Seniors
After many meetings and discussions with administration and all of the English 4 teachers, on April 16th we collectively decided to eliminate the Senior Project as a graduation requirement this year.
While we originally wanted to modify the project to still have some kind of "presentation"(mainly to honor those who had completed hours and pursued worthwhile and exciting project ideas), we have come to realize that the creation of a video presentation has the potential to be a) unnecessarily challenging from a technological standpoint, and b) a cause for unnecessary stress during this challenging time.
Please know that all of us are grieving for your "lost" senior year. Celebrating with seniors as they complete the last few weeks of school is a highlight for all of us, and please know you are missed terribly. We hope the elimination of the Senior Project requirement will be one less thing for you to worry about as you navigate these last few weeks of school.
Three last things:
1. If you have completed a video, or would like to continue with the modified Senior Project, you may certainly do so. We're adding Option 3, which is to create a Google Slideshow which answers the questions/prompts from Option 1 or Option 2 (about 1-2 slides per question, with images). This is entirely optional, unless...Details for Those Continuing  (click this link if you are continuing) 
2. Some of you, for whatever reason, may have a non-passing grade in English 4 (59% or lower). Completing the revised Senior Project (Option 1, Option 2, or the newly added Option 3) may be necessary for you to achieve a passing grade and therefore graduate. Please reach out to your teacher if you are in this group.
3. I'll be contacting The Union newspaper, with the hopes of highlighting some of your projects that the community would love to hear about. I have some students in mind, but if you worked on a Senior Project where you learned a lot or had a very positive experience, please email me and I'll forward your info to The Union.
We care about all of you, and please know we made this decision with compassion and great consideration for what you're going through. Please enjoy these last few weeks of high school, and know that we're here with you every step of the way.
With Well-wishes for You and Your Families,
Mr. Steve Hansen, NU Senior Project Coordinator
Mrs. Kelly Rhoden, NU Principal
Mrs. Kelsey Langel, English 4
Mrs. Alexis Olsen, English 4
Ms. Alicia Lacoste, English 4
Mr. Kael Newton, English 4
Ms. Kristina Stroeve, English 4
Mr. Michael Dunlap, English 4