Senior Project FAQ 2020 - COVID19 Update
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Is this still a graduation requirement?
Are we still presenting to panels on May 21 and 22?
No. Unfortunately, the oral presentations in front of panels have been cancelled.

Is the Senior Project cancelled?
No.In the spirit of the original project, Seniors are now responsible for submitting a 5-7 minute self-recorded video presentation during which students answer many of the questions from the original project OR submitting a 5-7 minute self-recorded video presentation during which students answer questions related to a career of interest. Students must choose ONE of these options.
How do I know which one to choose?
Evaluate where you are at this exact moment in terms of Senior Project.

If you have been responsible and diligent thus far, you likely have enough understanding and experience to thoroughly answer the questions for Option 1, even if your hours are limited. 

If you have had issues with mentors, trouble getting your project off the ground, or simply have not been able to get any hours towards the project, Option 2 is your best bet.

Should I continue to work with my mentor, try to find a mentor, or try to get more hours?
No.The COVID-19 virus has shut down nearly all opportunities, so we are telling students to not worry about any mentor or hour issues.

It is professional and courteous to contact your mentor to thank him or her for the valuable time s/he has provided, and to let your mentor know that the project has been modified greatly. Though we are not requiring this, we urge you to make this contact as it is the right thing to do.

My class has not done the research component yet. What can I do?
Research is the only area that you will need to work on. Even the most basic internet search (“How do I do research online?”) yields more than enough information to help you answer the questions on either Option 1 or Option 2.

Is this still a graduation requirement?
YES. Students must submit their videos any time between now and Friday, May 15. You will receive a PASS/FAIL score, and if you do not pass you will be asked to resubmit.

I have special circumstances and I do not think I can complete either Option 1 or Option 2. What should I do?
Contact Mr. Hansen right away via email ( or text (530) 615-8277. We want you to be successful, and we do not want to create unnecessary stress. We will work with you to make sure you submit a Senior Project that satisfies minimum requirements and works for all involved.

Please see the two options below:

OPTION 1 (for those with some hours and a good understanding of their topic): 
In a 5-7 minute recorded video presentation, students 
  1. introduce themselves and their Senior Project topic.
  2. answer the following questions:
  • Why did you choose this project?
  •  What specifically did you do to meet your required hours OR What were you going to do to meet your required hours? Be specific.
  • What challenges did you face during this project and how did you overcome them?
  • What are 3-4 important things you learned doing research on your particular topic? 
  • What new skills or knowledge did you gain from this experience? (e.g., I learned how to successfully plan a lesson; I learned how an EMT first deals with a crisis situation; I learned how to operate a forklift, etc). 
  • In what way did the project contribute to your personal growth, or what did you learn  that was outside of specific skills? (e.g., I learned about communication skills; I learned about time management; I discovered I have a knack for working with young children, etc).
  • How does the project tie into your future plans?
OPTION 2 (for those with limited or no hours and who, for whatever reason, have not made progress on the original Senior Project): 
In a 5-7 minute recorded video presentation, students 
  1. introduce themselves and the career they have chosen to research.
  2. answer the following questions:
  •  Describe/explain the career you researched.
  • Why did you choose this particular career?
  • What are the typical job duties? 
  • *What necessary personal interests, personality types or skills are required?
  •  What are the educational requirements?
  •  What are some qualifications, preparation and training?
  • How much could a person earn in this career (obtain local and national data)?
  • What is the employment outlook for this career (is there a projected need or shortage of workers in this field or are job opportunities in this field scarce?)?
  • What are some advantages and/or disadvantages of working in this career?
  • What interesting facts did you discover? 
  • *Discuss why this career would or would not be a good prospect for you. 
  • Explain what you have concluded and why. 
  • *optional

 Video Guidelines for students: 

  • Well-rehearsed (students have multiple “takes” so they should be able to get it right)
  • Visually appropriate (setting, background, lighting,etc)
  • Student has demonstrated attention to his/her appearance
  • If possible, include Images/video/audio clips/props as appropriate
  • For recording your video, students can use phones, laptops, video cameras, etc
  • Submission: options include sending an attachment in Gmail, embedding your video in a Google doc, or putting your video on a flash/thumb drive and dropping off at school with prior arrangement. Not sure how to get your video to your teacher? Just ask!
Other Considerations:
  •  Students needing assistance in any aspect of the project: email Mr. Hansen, your English teacher, or support person (Title 1 aide, Indian Education tutor, case manager, SPED aide, EL aide).
  • A Google Form will be shared to your email by Monday, March 30. It is vital that you respond to the few brief questions on this form by Friday, April 3 so we can see who may need help and how we can offer assistance.