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Please read these directions carefully.

Work Permits for Students

Minors employed in the state of California must have a Permit to Employ and Work (commonly referred to as a “work permit”). Work permits are typically issued by the school where the student is enrolled. Work permits indicate the duties and location where the work will be done as well as the number of hours a minor may work. In most cases it is a two-step process, the minor along with the parent/guardian and employer fill out the B1-1 form and submit to the school local to the minor's address. The school district reviews the B1-1 form and issues the B1-4 (Work Permit).


California Work Permit

Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Request for a Work Permit-Certificate of Age CDE Form B1-1(DOC).

COVID19 Instructions

Please print the CDE Form B1-1 and fill it out completely, including signatures. Please include your student ID in the upper right-hand corner of the form. 
You may mail it to Nevada Union High School, 11761 Ridge Road, Grass Valley, CA 95949 or you may bring it to the school between 8am and 3pm. We may be closed for lunch between 11 - Noon. We are still closed to the public, so please call if you are waiting outside with a work permit. 
Who to call (530.273.4431):
The week of June 29 - July 2 please call extension 2001
July 6 - July 15, please call extension 2004
July 16 on you may call either extension 2002 or 2010.
Once the work permit has been generated you will be contacted by the school. 
Inquiries regarding work permits may be directed to the extensions shown above during the timeframes listed.
Beginning July 16, 2020, you may contact our Registrars at x 2002 and 2010. If you need to leave a message, please leave a message including your Student ID and the spelling of your name.