For this assignment, you have three choices. You can 1) Create a Prezi (we will start to learn how to do this today) 2) create a PowerPoint or 3) Write a brief (2-3 p.) paper. We will have 3-4 class periods total to complete this project together.

For any of these choices, you will be choosing a focus from one of these civil liberties-related topics (or another of your choosing, approved by Mr. Dellis or myself):

Occupy Movement

Electronic Privacy (choose something specific such as privacy in social media, email privacy, airplane security/backscatter machines)

Politicians who have notably protected civil liberties/politicians who have notably destroyed civil liberties

Intellectual Freedom and/or Libraries' relationship to civil liberties

NU library Links regarding IF

The Patriot Act

Amendments that relate to civil liberties

Homework tonight, Thursday 12/08: please watch at least one video of your choice about civil liberties.