card header iconA Special Library Welcome to the Class of 2022!!!

Our expectations in the library are so simple. We want you to use the library to be a better student, yes, but our deeper hope is that you also become a better citizen during the time you spend in the library and on the Nevada Union campus.

We ask that you follow the Golden Rule impeccably, whether working with other students or the library staff. In particular, this means that courtesy is of the utmost importance. We are sometimes more interested in your social skills than we are in the number of books you read, to be honest.

We ask that you approach the library counter with uncommon courtesy, addressing us by our names, and we will return the favor. We also ask that you become as independent in the library setting as possible, scouting the counter for supplies, rather than asking the staff. We frankly do not respond positively to individual requests for pencils, as we freely supply them (and other supplies) on the student work station.

But many, many more things in the library ARE allowed in this particular library.......

We have an unusual policy regarding food--it's actually allowed during lunch (but unfortunately not during any other time, and never around the computers). We simply ask that you treat it as though you're camping: please leave nothing but footprints.

Counter photos/Video Booktalks/library club: YOU are a huge part of this library, 25% to be exact, and you can get as involved in the library as you want.

Oh, yeah, and there are BOOKS here, we almost forgot....and we circulate them freely. We check out nearly 20,000 books/year because we would rather have them out of the library getting read than sitting around on our shelves.

 Requesting a book not yet in our library

Unlimited Circulation:::No late fees:::Electronic Holds:::Notices only in the event that you have a title that another student wants

Personal responsibility for content: we will have books in this library that were not found in your library.

"Slam Dunks" (books that everyone loves)