card header iconBe Safe--and Smart--Online

Here in the NU Library, we are crucially aware that teens are more tech savvy than ever before. However, we are trained professionals and have tools such as Vision software which allow us to see the entire computer lab at a glance.

Students need to be aware while working in our lab that they are being constantly monitored by either library staff or the technology department. Some students have learned the hard way that their paths are never completely erased. The technology department has the ability to trace exactly where every student has spent their time online while on campus.

Ideally, students need to be supervised just as closely at home. "Parents need to remind their teens that a dumb moment can last a lifetime in cyberspace." (from Newsweek's recent article on "sexting," the act of taking and sending photos of one's self without being fully dressed).

Please be aware that our students' safety online is of serious importance on the NU campus. We will continue to post information here about online issues that affect teens in particular.

In the meantime, the following two sites provide some concrete tools and good information about how to keep kids safe online: Internet Safety for Parents, Teachers, Law Enforcement and Teens

Tips to Prevent "Sexting"