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Students are responsible for the care and preservation of all instructional materials checked out to them.
   You may check out a textbook with your class or a Nevada Union High School identification card.
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You should protect textbooks from damage. If you notice a problem with a textbook when it is checked out to you, let library staff know within the first 2 weeks so that you are not held responsible for the damage.
You are not to write, underline, or highlight in textbooks, including novels checked out for English classes (please use sticky notes).
HOWEVER, you should write your name in the front inside cover or its facing page of the book when it is issued to you so that when you return it at the end of the course, you know that you’re returning your textbook and not your friend's.
All textbooks and materials checked out to you must be returned in good, usable condition, with the barcode still attached to the book at the end of a school year, semester, or if you drop the class. Textbooks are a huge investment for the high school district, and they must be returned in a timely manner in order to check them out to the next group of students. Failure to do so may result in your not being able to check out texts for your current class.
If a textbook or material checked out to you is lost or damaged, the student is required to pay all costs. You may replace with a "new" book, allowing that it is the exact same book, and must be in as good or better condition. Confirm the correct ISBN with library staff before purchasing. 
If you find a lost textbook you have replaced, and the book is still in use, you can be refunded your payment. Bring in found book and receipt of payment for replacement for refund.
Textbooks for semester-long classes (for example, Government, Economics, or Health) should be turned in after the first semester final because second semester students will need them!
Novels used in English class should be returned as soon as your class is finished with them.
Thanks for taking care of your Nevada Union High School books!
Textbook Fees
$5 - for Missing Barcode
$5 - for Graffiti, Highlighting, Writing
$10 - for Cover Damage, Loose Binding, Torn or Stained Pages
100% of the material cost - for Lost or Damaged/Unusable Textbooks