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Letter From the Principal

August 17, 2016

Greetings Parents and Stakeholders,

We are geared up for another exciting year at Nevada Union!   This year, we continue our concerted effort to build on our school culture and to involve our greater community in adding to the vibrance of the school.  Education is a community endeavor, and we strive to serve our community and diverse stakeholders better than we ever have before!

We have made progress over the past few years, and we are seeing improvements in our instructional programs as a result.  The efforts of our faculty are bringing alignment of curriculum to our classrooms and the use of assessment practices as a way to nurture student learning, as opposed to simply assigning a grade.  These outcomes are coming as a result of effective use of our teacher collaboration time.   I am excited to put a chromebook device into the hands of every student on campus as we continue to make strides in the utilization of technology to facilitate student learning and engagement.  I am also excited about our move to a later school start time, which will help align student sleep patterns with the naturally occurring biorhythm of teenagers.  The research is abundant and The Center for Disease Control has indicated that school start times of 8:30 or later can “help improve an adolescent’s health, academic performance, and quality of life”.  I hope you’ll agree that these are worthy outcomes to pursue.


This year we will conduct a self-study for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), which is the accrediting association for California schools.  Our self-study report will be completed in the Fall semester and we will be reaching out for parent and community input in the process.  The self-study will be followed up by a 3-day visitation from a WASC committee, who will seek evidence for the claims made in our self-study, and take a close look under the hood for us as a school.  I certainly welcome this process, as it is designed to be an inclusive and collaborative means to identify and support school improvement needs and accountability.

I will continue my focus in the areas of Communication, Technology, and Collaborative Teaming.  I hold my belief that these three areas provide us the framework needed for ongoing improvement in an ever-changing school setting.  With that, the fertile soils that make these efforts possible are a healthy school culture, which our staff and stakeholders are quick to recognize.  With that, we will continue to be intentional with building and sustaining a positive work and learning environment.

I invite you to engage in our school, either through NU Parent Club, Site Council, attending our top-rate performances and events, or by taking a Lunch Walk with me.  I care deeply for the precious gems that you send to us everyday, and want you to know that “what’s best for students” will remain my most paramount endeavor.  I look forward to another fantastic school year.

Go Miners!!


Dan Frisella

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