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Local Control Accountability Plan

What is LCAP?
The state's revised funding structure, the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), requires districts to annually approve a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) with input from all educational partner groups.  The LCAP document connects the district budget and spending to district goals and initiatives.  Our engagement process includes an LCAP Advisory Committee, made up of six different educational partner groups - Classified staff, Certificated staff, Administrators, Parents, Students, and Community leaders/representatives.  The committee meets for three full days during the Spring and is tasked to help measure our schools' progress, identify district priorities, and inform the development of the Local Control Accountability Plan.  In addition to our LCAP committee meetings, our process includes a survey of all stakeholder groups and other engagement activities.  The input from these channels is brought to the table and processed within our LCAP committee as well as by site and district leaders.  The primary outcome of the process is to identify spending priorities based on the collective needs of the district.