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Testing Schedule Information

CAASPP Testing Calendar

Changes to our regular weekly schedule during CAASPP / CAST testing days:
Monday, April 15th - Is an 8:30am start. There is NO collaboration on this Advisory day to meeting the required testing minutes. In addition, it will be an even day following our calendar (4/12 was also an even day to make up for 2/5 school closure day). Here is the bell schedule for Monday: "Tuesday following a Monday non-school day". Buses will run for an 8:30 - 3:30 day schedule.
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are regular bus and bell schedules. 
Wednesday, April 17th: Buses will run on the regular 8:30 - 3:30 schedule. Any student needing to ride the bus to school will pick up the bus at their regular pickup time. All students in grades 9, 10 or 12 who need to take the bus or arrive prior to 11am will have either Ali Gym, West Gym, Library or Theater to go. Students who are on campus and are not testing must go to one of these supervised spaces. Our daily class instructions starts at 11:10am for all students. The schedule to follow is the "CAST Test Bell Schedule". 
All Juniors will meet in the MPR for breakfast and find out where their individual testing location is.
If there is any confusion or you have question on either of these two days' schedules, please contact the front office at 530-273-4431. 

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What is CAASPP?

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The CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress) is California's state assessment to measure student learning.
A Parent's Guide to Understanding (multiple languages available)

This is the California state exam that is administered to all 11th graders (and those 12th graders who did not take the CAST last year) and includes testing in three areas:

  • SBAC Literacy
  • SBAC Math
  • CAST (California Science Test)

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Whois Testing?

  • 9th Graders
    Will take the practice SBAC for Literacy and Math.
  • 10th Graders
    Will take the practice SBAC for Literacy and Math.
  • 11th Graders
    Will take the Summative (official) SBAC for Literacy and Math, as well as the CAST for Science.
  • 12th Graders
    Will only take the CAST for Science if they did not complete it last year as an 11th grader.

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What to Bring to the Test?

  1. Fully charged Chromebook
  2. Charger (just in case)
  3. Earbuds with CORD (or they will be provided)
  4. Book to read

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Get Ready! What to Do Before Arriving...

Here are a few things you should note as students prepare for testing:
  • Please get plenty of sleep the night before testing.
  • Please eat breakfast and lunch (also available free of charge in the cafeteria).
  • Please charge your device overnight before each day of testing and bring your charging cord just in case.
  • Please bring your Chromebook - personal devices will not be able to access the secure browser.

Cell Phones and other items not allowed during testing

  • Please be prepared that students will not have access to their cell phones during testing. Parents should call the school in the event of a family emergency.
  • Students may not have cell phones, smart watches, or anything that can access the internet or take a photo in their possession during the test. Personal items must be placed inside their backpacks and place their bags away from their seat during the full duration of the testing period. All items will be returned once the test has ended for that class period. Phones will not be accessible even during a restroom break if the class is still testing.
  • Students caught with their phones, electronic device, or other technologies (excluding their Chromebook) may be subject to disciplinary reason. (Students who require technologies for health reasons must notify Mrs. Hurd immediately by emailing at or by visiting the admin office.)

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Do Scores Matter? 


Check out this Why CAASPP? Classroom Presentation that we put together with lots of ways that scores matter...for our school...for our students...for our community. 

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Testing and Accountability

The California Department of Education has established the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) system and California Science Tests (CAST) to measure student progress and generate data to improve teaching and learning.  More information about the test is available on the CA Dept. of Education website

Download and print Pathway to College Readiness