The Nevada Union High School English Department consists of a seasoned group of professionals who strive for excellence in their own work, as well as in the work of their students.  Each course of study is designed to enhance the students’ prior knowledge by providing a multitude of learning opportunities through critical reading, writing and analysis. Collaboration is a key component in ensuring that our students achieve at their highest level and, to that end, the department meets frequently in order to create common assessments, share best practices, and create a sequenced approach to the study of English as students complete each grade-level class.  The English Department course offerings are rich and diverse, fulfilling college preparatory requirements at every class level, as well as offering high-level pathways to achievement, such as English 2H (Honors), English 3H (Honors), and AP (Advanced Placement) English Literature and Composition.

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English Department Essential Learning Outcomes

Self-directed, collaborative learners will:

  1. Understand and communicate a position, orally and in writing, and defend it with effective evidence and sound reasoning.

  2. Discern and demonstrate an organized, effective, and grammatically sound writing style that allows the readers to navigate easily through a correctly MLA formatted document.

  3. Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize non-fiction texts for author’s message, purpose, audience, and voice.  

  4. Analyze and evaluate fiction texts for literary devices, as well as compare and contrast literature from different time periods.

  5. Engage in research and the research writing process, including recognizing and utilizing source materials that effectively support a position, organizing an effective thesis and drafting and revision toward a polished product.

  6. Consistently cite textual evidence in analysis and discussions of texts.

  7. Use technology as a tool for research, presentations, and collaboration.