Standard Course Sequence:

The department has adopted and is rolling out an Integrated Math Pathway.  The rollout will align with students as they progress further in the math sequence. The sequence will begin with Integrated 1 and will end with Integrated 3. Each course is a blended curriculum from the traditional pathways, but will build and spiral in a different order than the traditional pathways.  The ordering of the standards will build up steadily in difficulty throughout the entire sequence rather than being locked into strict studies of Algebra or Geometry where difficulty level will vary by topic.

Upper Level Sequence:

After completing the Integrated Sequence students will have the opportunity to enter into our higher math sequence which will begin with Trigonometry/PreCalculus and end with Calculus. Students will have the opportunity to take an AP Test in the spring.

Alternative Courses:

We also offer two alternative courses for students to finish out their Math Careers with Nevada Union: Transition to College Algebra and Personal Finance.

Academic Peer Tutoring: Mathematics

Students will have the opportunity to work in math classes as a tutor.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to have a highlight on their transcript with a math focused elective to help them have a competitive edge in the admissions process to colleges and vocational schools. Students will be given tutor training to help them support other students.  This is a valuable training that they can carry with them into other academic settings as well as into college job opportunities.

Support Classes:

We offer support classes that will give students the opportunity to meet with their math teacher everyday rather than every other day as prescribed by the block schedule.  Students may enroll in Integrated 1 Math Lab or Integrated 2 Math Lab.  These are elective courses and will count as elective credits.  In these classes students can expect to review and preview topics specific to their math courses, as well as build skills in areas that are essential to their learning in their math courses.
(Note: Algebra 2 will be offered for the last time in the 24/25 school year for students that have already completed the Algebra 1 and Geometry courses.)