We actively communicate between our site and middle schools to create a better continuum of learning for all of our students transitioning to Nevada Union. 
We are developing opportunities for additional site visits between Nevada Union and our feeder schools for students in both directions!  
We are developing additional ways to celebrate students, and student achievements!
 We are very excited to build up a community wide positive math culture!

8th Grade Placement:

During the Spring of the student’s 8th-grade year, multiple measures are used to determine 9th-grade placement. These measures include 7th and 8th-grade CAASPP scores, mathematics readiness assessment results, 8th-grade first semester grade, and teacher recommendation.

9th Grade Placement:

Within the first 30 days of school, all 9th-grade students will be given another mathematics assessment. Results from the assessment are used in conjunction with the above measures to either confirm placement or recommend a change of placement.