The Nevada Union High School Performing Arts Department offers excellent training and college/career preparation in Band, Choir, Dance, and Drama classes for beginning, intermediate, and advanced level students. Our curriculum is aligned to the National Core Arts Standards and meets the UC “a-g” requirements for admission. Examples of our standards-based curriculum include preparing students for auditions, college field trips, guest speakers/directors/choreographers - current professionals and experts in our field, taking students to see professional performances, providing multiple public performance opportunities, journals, portfolios, research projects related to history/culture, peer reviews, and collaborative group projects.


For all Band, Choir, Dance, and Drama classes, we have common assessments, including live performance critiques and student performance rubrics that are aligned with National Core Arts Standards for all of our disciplines. Students in all levels have multiple public performance opportunities each year. Furthermore, the Performing Arts Department students collaborate on a school musical every other year, which incorporates elements of Drama, Dance, Choir, and Band.


Graduates of the Nevada Union High School Performing Arts Department have been accepted to some of the most prestigious universities, such as New York University’s Tisch School of the Performing Arts, and several have gone on to professional careers in the arts, including the Met Opera, world-renowned companies, and education-based careers.  


Essential Learning Outcomes in the Performing Arts:

  • Students develop technical expertise and stage presence in a variety of genres.

  • Students critically assess and derive meaning from live performances through descriptive analysis.

  • Students work independently and collaboratively to apply technical and performance skills.

  • Students apply what they learn in the performing arts to learning across subject areas, including careers in and related to the performing arts.

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Performing Arts Teachers

Rob Metcalfe
Department Chair
Rob Metcalfe
Rodney Baggett
Choir Director
Rod Baggett
David Fowler
Band Director
David Fowler
Courtney Wadman
Dance Director
Courtney Wadman