students playing baseball Nevada Union’s physical education program is comprised of a freshman core curriculum, upper level activities, and advanced classes. The freshman comprehensive curriculum includes activities such as: team sports (softball, soccer, and kickball), fitness, aquatics, track/field, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and health. The advanced classes offered for 10-12 graders include, football, basketball, weight training, wrestling, baseball, dance, and aerobics. All the advanced classes are taught by teachers with special training and credentials.

Nevada Union also has an adapted physical education program. The credentialed teacher is assisted by peer tutors. All of the challenged students share the facilities and many are mainstreamed into regular programs.

It is strength of the Nevada Union Physical Education Department that many students choose to take physical education beyond the two year requirement. Of the 1800 students enrolled at Nevada Union, over 950 are enrolled in at least one class of physical education. Many students are on a waiting list to get into elective classes.

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PE Clothing

Standard PE clothes are required to be worn in Freshman PE classes. Upper-level students are not required to wear the standard PE uniform, however, they must comply with the PE dress code as set forth by the school. See your PE teacher for specifics.
PE clothes (shorts and shirt) are available in the student store before school, at lunch and after school for students. 

Brad Dal Bon

Brad Dal Bon

Department Chair
Teacher  |   PE


  • Advanced Football Weight Training
  • Freshman PE

David Butterworth 23

David Butterworth

Teacher  |  PE
  • Advanced Baseball / Softball PE
  • Advanced Football Weight Training
  • Weight Training PE

Guy Greever 23

Guy Greever

Teacher  |  PE
  • Basketball PE
  • Freshman PE
  • Weight Training

Angie Marino 23

Angela Marino

Teacher  |  PE
  • Cooperative Sports
  • Freshman PE
  • Moving for Fitness
  • Upper Level PE

Amy Van Voorst 23

Amy Van Voorst

Teacher  | Adapted PE
  • Adapted Physical Education

Courtney Wadman 23

Courtney Wadman

Teacher  |  Dance PE
  • Beginning Dance for All Abilities
  • Dance I PE
  • Dance IIA PE
  • Dance II PE