From college preparatory courses in the traditional Biology, Chemistry, and Physics pathways to Geology, Applied Ecology, Earth Science, and Forensics, the Nevada Union Science Department is committed to reinforcing the foundational academic disciplines of reading, writing, mathematics and communication through any of the science programs we offer.

All of our science courses offer a large number of exciting laboratory activities which give students the opportunity to engage themselves in interesting activities. With a wide array of standards-based course offerings it is also the department’s goal to introduce our students to the variety of biological and physical science opportunities in both post secondary education and the workplace. Our teachers continue to work collaboratively in the design and assessment of our programs in order to facilitate the best possible education that we can provide.
Nevada Union science staff members traditionally participate in such activities as annual national science conferences, post secondary articulations with local colleges, involvement with innovative academy programs, and ongoing dialogue with science related local businesses in order to create a professional community of learners helping to keep us on the cutting edge of science education.

We are excited at the prospect of furthering your child’s knowledge in the world of science.

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Science Department Teachers

Anders Drageset 23

Anders Drageset

Science Department Chair
Teacher  |  Science

course offerings

  • Earth and Space - Physical Science
  • Physics (CSU/UC "D") - Physical Science
Chris Buti 23

Chris Buti

Teacher  |  Science
  • AP Environmental Science (CSU/UC "D") - Physical/Life Science
  • Biology (CSU/UC "D") - Life Science
  • Human Biology Honors (CSU/UC "D") - Life Science
Casandra Friedan 23

Casandra Frieden

Teacher  |  Science and Health
  • Earth and Space - Physical Science
  • Forensic Science 

Carlen Handley 23

Carlen Handley

Teacher  |  Science
  • Biology (CSU/UC "D") - Life Science
  • Environmental Science - Physical/Life Science

Eric Mayer 23

Eric Mayer

Teacher  |  Science
  • AP Physics 1 (CSU/UC "D") - Physical Science
  • Physics (CSU/UC "D") - Physical Science

Alex McDowell 23

Alex McDowell

Teacher  |  Science
  • Chemistry (CSU/UC "D") - Physical Science
  • Chemistry 2AP (CSU/UC "D") - Physical Science