card header iconSummer AP and Honor Assignments-2019/2020

AP World History Modern Summer Reading Assignments

Welcome to 2019-2020 AP World History Modern!
To access your summer assignment, please join my AP World Schoology group: Group. Kirk's 2019 AP World Modern Group.
You’ll need to go to and click on the GROUPS tab.
Click on "Join" and enter the following access code: 3DJNV-M27MF.
You should then be added to the group.  You’ll need the AP World text book for a reading assignment as well (Ch. 8-11).
Email me at if you have any questions.
Mr. Kirkpatrick

AP United States History Summer Assignments

Mrs. Starr
APUSH Summer Assignment Access Info
To access your summer assignment documents and text PDFs you need to join the Schoology Group: 2019 APUSH Summer Assignment.
To join the group, click the “Groups” tab on
Then click “Join” and enter the access code: BWW6-VX9Q-RJ83M

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Jeff Kirkpatrick, Department Chair
Ken Buck                  Michael Ford               Sue Garcia
Mitch Giles                Brad Miller                  Molly Starr
Pete Totoonchie, Leadership