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Art Must Go On!

Art must go on!  Nevada Union High School has launched this online exhibition to support and celebrate the creative students in the Visual Art Department.  Check out:  From the darks and lights of the Advanced Drawing and Painting students to the visual explorations of Photography students, and from 3D bugs to still life abstracts - NUART SHINES!  

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Course Offerings

Drawing and Painting A

This is a basic course designed to give any student a broad experience in art making. This experience is based on a combination of academic study of theory and history with the hands-on experience of making artwork in through drawings and paintings. 


Students will produce finished drawings and paintings, work in small groups as well as independently, and maintain a detailed notebook. Meets the graduate fine art requirement for the CSU/UC.

Advanced Drawing and Painting C

This course is designed to meet the needs of student who want to pursue the making of art as a disciplined activity. In Advanced Drawing and Painting, the academic study is relatively minor because the emphasis is on the process of making an art piece as a drawing or painting only.


Students will produce drawings and paintings, pass objective quizzes, work in small groups as well as large groups, build a portfolio. Meets the graduation fine art requirements. This course meets the fine art requirement for the CSU/UC.


Beginning and Advanced Ceramics

This course develops skills in the use of clay as a means of individual expression. Emphasis will be on projects that are technically and conceptually more advanced. Refinement of throwing skills for saleable functional pottery will be a major focus. Students will be expected to make individual progress.

Introduction to Photography and Advanced Photography