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Practice/Competition Protocols At Nevada Union

We are attempting to provide opportunities for participation in Athletics during a pandemic that has infected millions of Americans and killed hundreds of thousands.
We have a moral, ethical, and legal obligation to protect the health and safety of our students. We must comply with the regulations and modifications laid forth by CDC and CDPH guidelines for public schools. The following are our simple, straight-forward protocols to follow throughout your season. 
  • If you are exhibiting Covid symptoms (see the image below for details) DO NOT show up to campus. Contact your Coach and let them know you are exhibiting symptoms and follow the NU Athletics Covid Protocols (below)
  • Masks are required and non-negotiable for indoor spaces - there are times at practice you won't wear them, but those times are only during periods of "high levels of cardiovascular activity." Once the period is passed, the masks go back on. 
  • Physical Distancing of 6 feet as much as possible - unless engaged in drills that require less space
  • Constant and consistent hand washing or sanitizing before, during, and after practice/competition
  • Spectator Restrictions: As of now, there are no restrictions to the number of attendees at competitions, with the exception of Football games. If we exceed 500 attendees, we must verify the Covid vaccination and/or negative Covid test status of everyone. For inside events, aside from indoor masking regulations, it is best practice to keep a safe distance from non-household members. If these regulations change in the future, we will update our policies. 

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