How can I get a message to my student?
We will deliver only emergency messages from parents.

How do I get my student out of school?

Send a note with your student to give to his/her Attendance Tech first thing in the morning, and your student will be given an early dismissal notice.  So...You Need to Leave Campus....

How do I get homework for my sick student?
If your student has been or is expected to be out ill 3 days or more, you may call the Nurse’s Office, and they will arrange for homework assignments to be collected.

How do I excuse my student from PE class?
You may send a note with your student to the Nurse’s Office, or you may call the Nurse’s Office directly.

What do I need to do if my student is/was absent?

Please send a note or call your student’s Attendance Tech and leave a message.

How do I get my student on Independent Study?

Please have your student come to the SSC to make an appointment to see an Assistant Principal.  He/she will receive the necessary paperwork to bring to the appointment (parent signature needed), and the meeting will provide all the instructions for before and after the absences.

How can I reach my student’s teacher?

You may access the Staff Directory by telephone by calling Nevada Union High School's phone number (530) 273-4431 by pressing 9. You may leave a voicemail message any time.  Teachers can also be contacted by email by using the Staff Directory under 'Contact Us' on our website.

I have a question about my student’s grades.
Please contact the teacher(s) involved; the counselor will not be able to help with a grading problem.

Who can I talk to about a problem with a teacher/staff member?
First, contact the teacher/staff member. If the problem is not resolved, then please see the Administrative Governance chart and contact the Administrator assigned to that department.

How does my student get a locker?
Lockers are available for freshmen and sophomores individually and juniors/seniors need to share a locker. NUHS issues locks for book lockers. Lockers can be reserved online beginning with the Fall semester 2017. Students can visit the Student Services Center for more information.
My student’s locker was broken into…what do we do?
Student needs to fill out an Incident Report; they can get one from any secretary in the Student Services Center/AP office.

What is my student’s schedule?
All students may access their schedule online on Home Access Center once it has been opened for the Fall semester. Students will be notified when student access is available. Freshmen may also get their schedule during Link Crew Freshmen Orientation.  

Where can my student park? How can he/she obtain a parking permit?
Your student can sign up for a parking permit at the beginning of the school year with Tammy Shurte in the Student Service Center/AP Office. Students may park in any space not numbered in the exterior parking lots. Students may not park in lots off of Ali Avenue or the Ag road or the pool lot.

Where can I park when I need to come to the campus?
There are parking spots marked “Visitor” in the main parking lot in front of the school on the left side under the trees.

When is Fall Break/Spring Break/Senior Ball, etc.?
Please see the calendar on our website.

How does my student sign up for summer school?
Summer school is no longer offered in our District for the purpose of remediation or enrichment. The Extended School Year (ESY) program is available to students for whom it is specified in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

How does my student get a work permit?
See a Guidance Specialist in the Student Service Center.

Can my student have visitors with him/her during the school day?
Nevada Union does not allow any student visitors unless affiliated with the Foreign Exchange program.

Can flowers, balloons, or gifts be delivered to students at school?
Nevada Union will not deliver gifts to students in class.